Friday, November 9, 2012


Yesterday was the first morning where we dipped down into low temps.  29*.  Today was much the same, and it was sunshiney!  love frost and sunshine.

because Maya finished getting ready for school early, and it was so sunny and frosty out, she was able to convince me to stop at Volcano Coffee for a hot bev before school.  It really makes a pleasant day to start the morning at Volcano, where the coffee is delish and the baristas are so nice.  Volcano is our Cheers.  

The Presidential election was Tuesday, and Obama was voted in for a second term..  That was pretty awesome. We celebrated with carrot cake that has the tastiest cream cheese frosting ever and a wonderful bottle of almond sparkling wine.  If you have not yet ventured into the realm of almond sparkling wine, go, now!  you must!  for it is yummy, indeed.  

Also, Washington state voted to legalize marijuana (up to 1 oz) and gay marriage.  Yea!  Funny...a friend called me this morning to ask me about a date for her Christmas party--to see if I knew of any other conflicting social events that date, and she said, "We can have weed brownies instead of alcohol!" Gotta eat it, I guess, because smoking it is so uncouth, don't you think?  

This week after Obama won, one of my good friends, who is a libertarian, posted a meme that questioned whether his supporters knew these things: NDAA, Hank Paulson, Bradley Manning, Operation Fast & Furious, and several more.  I don't know shit; therefore, I spent the morning reading about those things.  By the time I was done (2 hours later; goodbye, morning!), I was wondering what exactly I was supposed to be riled up about.  The meme says, "Don't scroll past this-- No, don't ignore have already ignored too much. Sincerely, the people who have been paying attn this entire time."  Sigh.  I'm glad politics on facebook will come to a dribble (I hope).  

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